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Registering Your Business

Before operating a home care business, you must first be registered as a business. Whether you choose to operate as an LLC, S-Corp, etc., you aren't an established business without taking the necessary steps to do so. You will need to secure an EIN via the IRS and register your business with your respective state. Did you know that if you're a CNA, you can obtain an LLC and work as a 1099 contractor? If you'd like more information on registering your business, please visit your state's local business site as well as the IRS. The IRS site can be accessed via the following link:


Starting A Home Care

Did you know that there are certain steps and processes that one must take to properly start and operate a home care business? From licensing and training to completing applications, it certainly isn't an overnight process. This is when having a good consulting company comes into play. We highly recommend Business As Usual. Get more info by visiting the following link: 


Operations & Procedures

When starting and/or owning a home care agency, it's important to have an SOP (standard operating procedure) in place to help with operations and processes. Companies should be able to simplify + streamline their day-to-day to save leadership and staff time, reduce overwhelm, and to keep the doors open! For more info, please visit The Leo Process by clicking the following link:


Business Law

When operating a home care agency, it's imperative that you abide by legal statutes and follow the rules established for home care businesses and other commercial matters. From contracts to abuse laws and fraud laws, one must be aware and in compliance for all parties involved. For more info, we suggest that you contact Amanda R. Whipple, Attorney at Law by clicking the following link:


Elder Law

Elder Law is a branch of law concerning the legal matters of those 60+. Elder law covers a number of different legal and practical issues from medical to financial that affect the elderly, their caregivers, and their friends and family members. For more info, we suggest that you visit Rogers Law Firm by clicking the following link:



With any business, it is important to keep accurate financial records. From monitoring expenses and documenting payroll to properly maintaining tax records, bookkeeping is critical. When operating a Home Care agency, there's no exception. If you're in need of an accountant to keep your finance and tax documents in order, we recommend contacting Above & Beyond Tax Services by clicking the following link:


Marketing Is Key

Of course referrals and word-of-mouth work wonders, but effective marketing is even better and beneficial when running your business and building its credibility. From having a user-friendly and functioning website to marketing materials such as flyers and brochures, having professional promo across various mediums is essential. We invite you to connect with A Klassy Life if you're in need of marketing and promotional services. Visit them by clicking the following link:


Professional Headshots

You know what they say - "a picture is worth a thousand words." They same applies to your professional photos. As a business owner, you should always have an updated business headshot and professional photos. These are not only important for marketing materials, but when representing your home care agency via print or online. If you're in need of professional photos for your business, yourself, or staff, we suggest L4Eleven Photography. Get more info via the following link

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